The National Languages Fund Announces Receipt of 89 Concept Notes at close of Submissions

The National Languages Fund administered by NLEAP recently issued a call for Concept Notes from eligible civil society organizations that:

  • Promote language rights towards national integration and reconciliation
  • Foster acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity as a national strength
  • Improve the ability of Sri Lankan citizens to communicate in the official languages

The deadline for submission of concept notes was the 30th of September. The National Languages Fund is very happy to announce that it has received 89 concept notes from eligible NGOs, Professional Associations, Community Based Organizations and Academic/Research Organizations who are duly registered with the government authorities in Sri Lanka. The selected project initiatives corresponding with NLEAP’s objectives will be eligible to receive funding of up to 12,500,000 Sri Lankan Rupees. Gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE) being an integral part of the project work under NLEAP, organisations working towards promotion of GEWE were also encouraged to apply. NLEAP is especially delighted to note the submission of concept notes in all three languages, which is very much in keeping with its overarching project principles.

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