Commemorating the Official Languages Day of Sri Lanka and Canada Day

21 Civil Society Organisations receive over Rs 148,000,000 to promote Language Rights and Language Learning

The National Languages Equality Advancement Project (NLEAP), supported by Global Affairs Canada, has been working closely with relevant local government actors, to fulfill the commitment of both Governments towards building language equality and sensitivity to the ethno-cultural diversity of Sri Lanka. NLEAP is pleased to commemorate the Official Languages Day and Canada Day with a special announcement. The National Languages Fund, administered by NLEAP, is pleased to announce the selection of 21 Civil Society Organisations to promote Language Rights and Language Learning in Sri Lanka. Through these selected projects, the fund has committed over Rs 148,000,000 (CAD 1.1 Million ) towards fostering acceptance by Sri Lankans of the culturally diverse and bilingual nature of their country, to promote national integration and reconciliation. The outreach of funds is anticipated to impact over two hundred thousand women and men. The selected project areas are wide and varied, facilitating, and promoting either Language Rights Promotion or Second Language Learning, or both.

In 2019, the Government of Sri Lanka declared the 1st of July as the Officials Languages Day of Sri Lanka. The concurrent week from July 01 through July 05 was declared the Official Languages Week of Sri Lanka. The special themed events and activities focused on building awareness and understanding of the significance and importance of the Official Languages Policy and the value of languages. The inauguration of an Official Languages Day marked the close collaboration between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Canada, through the National Languages Equality Advancement Project, to strengthen the implementation of the Official Languages Policy of Sri Lanka. The day of choice coinciding with Canada Day marks the significance of this bi-lateral relationship.

The National Languages Equality Advancement Project (NLEAP), implemented by Alinea International (previously Agriteam Canada), is designed to strengthen and support the implementation of Sri Lanka’s Official Languages Policy (OLP) by government actors. The project aims to reduce poverty and improve economic and social equality of Sinhala and Tamil speaking women and men throughout Sri Lanka.

Click here for selected list of Organisations ; NLF Grantees Chart


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