Part 4 – Support from NLEAP to the OLP Strategy Implementation

Support from the National Language Equity Advancement Project (NLEAP) to the OLP implementation strategy

The NLEAP project has identified the development of the OLP implementation strategy as a priority activity in its Annual Work Plan (2020). It is providing technical support to the Ministry responsible for Official Languages in developing the OLP implementation strategy and will be supporting the key ministries and institutions in their work to implement the OLP.

NLEAP will also be involving Canadian experts to support this important activity, in particular, the Director General of the Official Languages Secretariat of Treasury Board Canada, Carsten Quell, as well as members of his staff. The Official Languages Secretariat is responsible in Canada for monitoring the implementation of the Official Languages Act (OLA) within government ministries and federal institutions and to provide support and advice to government institutions, particularly in the areas of Communications with and services to the public in both official language (Part IV of the OLA), Language of work within federal institutions (Part V), and Equal opportunities and equitable participation of French and English speaking Canadians in federal institutions (Part VI).


Hilaire Lemoine

Language Policy Advisor/NLEAP Special Advisor/Language Policy and International Relations,

Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (OLBI), University of Ottawa



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