The Inaugural Professional Learning Community Meeting

A forum to discuss specific challenges related to translation and interpretation of the Official Languages.

The Professional Learning Community (PLC) establishes a forum for academics, students and professionals to focus on specific challenges relating to the multilingual nature of Sri Lanka and gender-based barriers. Participating in the first meeting of the Professional Learning Community meeting, coordinated by NLEAP, were academics representing the University Grants Commission and the universities of Kelaniya, Jaffna, Sabaragamuwa & Eastern. The inaugural session, organised virtually to mitigate COVID restrictions, kicked off with a candid discussion on matters relating to the translation and interpretation of the Official Languages.

NLEAP works closely with the University Grants Commission to improve the capacities of the universities that deliver translation and interpretation programmes. The four universities represented at the PLC meeting all offer the four-year Bachelor of Arts Translation Degree Programme. Facilitating the Inaugural PLC meeting forms part of the support extended by NLEAP to the universities. The election of Office Bearers of the Committee for 2021 was one of the priorities of the Inaugural PLC meeting. The newly elected Chair of PLC, Prof. Manoj Ariyaratne in his maiden speech requested NLEAP to arrange for the expert support of Prof. Luise to draft a constitution for the PLC.   Thus, demonstrating how the introduction of the PLC provides a platform to the academics in the relevant field to discuss the challenges they face and to collectively identify solutions with the support of the expertise from Canadian counterparts. Dr. Priyantha Premakumara, Secretary of the UGC, thanked the Government of Canada and the people of Canada for their unwavering support to build the equality of the official languages of Sri Lanka. He pointed out the translation degree programs in the universities as one of the prime needs of the Government of Sri Lanka in providing services to the citizens representing different communities. Bringing together likeminded, experienced individuals, committed to building up the translation and interpretation services in the country creates an open forum to discuss improvements that might be needed to enhance the existing programme syllabi. The PLC will meet continue to meet bi-annually and all members who participated in the inaugural session are already looking forward to the next session. Engaging the private sector and final year translation degree programme students in forums on translation studies will be a future priority of the PLC.

Professional Learning Community Office Bearers for 2021

  • Chair: Prof. Manoj Ariyaratne (Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka)
  • Vice Chair: Ms. Kumudu Gamage (University of Kelaniya)
  • Secretary: Dr. K. Kannathas (University of Jaffna)
  • Assistant Secretary: Ms. Maduka Hansani (Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka)
  • Editor: Dr. K. Shrikarunakaran (Eastern University of Sri Lanka)
  • Joint Editor: Ms. Anuradha Jayasinghe (University of Kelaniya)
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