Five-day Training for NILET Sinhala and Tamil Second Language Teachers

NLEAP supports NILET initiative to enhance Sinhala and Tamil Second Language Teaching  

National Institute of Language Education and Training (NILET) recently concluded a five-day online training for Sinhala and Tamil second language teachers. Designed to enhance the capacity of second language teachers to teach both Sinhala and Tamil languages, the training was attended by 12 second language teachers of NILET from Central Province.

The provision of bilingual services to the general public is to a great extent determined by the access for the second language learning by the government servants. Therefore, training programmes designed to enhance the capacities of Second Language Teachers play an important role in promoting the bilingual nature of our country. The five-day training covered areas such as second language training methodology, best practices on how to apply these methodologies to subject knowledge, methodology for language acquisition and learning and the practical aspects pertaining to usage and practice of Second Language. An integral part of the training was how to evaluate second language training. Each one of the training modules were followed by practical exercises that enhanced participants and engagement with the subject matter. NILET is mandated to providing enhanced second language training in Sinhala and Tamil. Urgently pivoting this training, which was formerly planned as a residential course, to online delivery, reflects NILET’s commitment to fulfill its mandate in spite of the restrictions posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first batch of second language teachers to undergo this training. Training for another batch of second language teachers is scheduled to commence shortly. NLEAP will continue to work very closely with NILET, supporting the critical role it plays in enhancing the ability of the government to improve the services for the citizens of different communities.



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