NLF Success Stories | SLCDF | Strengthen Social Integration by training Community Leaders to develop awareness building trainings on the Official Languages Policy

Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF) organises Training of Trainer Modules for 5 Districts

NLF Project Partner SLCDF is of the firm conviction that creating a strong civil society structure at district and divisional levels is critical for the effective implementation of Official Language Policy. With this goal in mind SLCDF is working in the districts of Kandy, Monaragala, Galle, Matara & Kilinochchi to enhance social integration through Language Rights Promotion & Second Language Learning. A key component to ensuring the effective implementation of the Official Languages Policy is strengthening the District Co-existence Societies, Divisional Co-existence Societies and Civil Society Organizations. Creating awareness about the Official Languages Policy (OLP) amongst civil society organizations, their leaders and organizations for women, girls and youth, is essential. And crucial to this endeavour is developing and delivering Training of Trainer Modules for Community Leaders selected to conduct awareness raising programs.

The COVID 19 Pandemic posed many restrictions on SLCDF’s best laid plans. And yet despite the challenging circumstances SLCDF successfully completed Training of Trainer programmes for all 5 Districts. The pandemic restrictions made it necessary for the Matara and Galle Trainings to be conducted online. However, the trainings done for the Monaragala & Kandy districts and the Kilinochchi Districts were conducted in person.  The training programmes were of a two-day duration and were positively received by the participants of each district.

Despite challenging circumstances SLCDF is forging ahead with the rest of its planned activity, which includes amongst others, organising awareness raising program for government, local authorities, CSOs and youth organizations; facilitating institutional development and organizational strengthening training for the co-existence societies and civil society organizations, organising group language classes to Sinhala and Tamil Speaking co-existence leaders, CSOs leaders and government officials; and forming  language societies in each district. SLCDF activity is propelled by the conviction that building a strong civil society structure is an integral step to ensuring the effective implementation of the Official Language Policy, as well as influencing social cohesion and integration.

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