NLEAP hosts Virtual Technical Exchange Mission between Official Languages Commission Sri Lanka (OLC) and the Office of The Commissioner of Official Languages Canada (OCOL)

Preparation of annual report & Research on Official Languages Policy Implementation

A Virtual Technical Exchange Mission(TEM) was organised by NLEAP between the Office of The Commissioner of Official Languages Canada (OCOL) and the Official Languages Commission of Sri Lanka (OLC). Held on the 29th of September this TEM forms part of the Technical Assistance provided by NLEAP to the OLC to improve its capacity to enforce the  implementation of the Official Language Policy.

In 2020, a team of OLC officials were scheduled to travel to Canada to engage with officials from the Canadian Commission of Official Languages and the Ontario Ombudsperson responsible for the Commission for French Language Services. However the challenges posed by COVID-19 Travel restrictions continuing through 2021 it was determined to conduct this TEM virtually. A move that created the opportunity for wider participation by OLC team members. The TEM focused on two presentations dealing with issues of mutual interest; Annual Reports and Research on Official Languages Policy Implementation.   The presentation by Diane Dillard (Manager, Policy Analysis, OCOL)  on the topic of  ‘Preparation of the  Annual Report’ highlighted some of the new learnings and practices adopted to simplify the compilation of the OCOL Annual Report simpler and to make the presentation of its content more reader friendly. The presentation and discussion led by Robert James Talbot (Manager, Research, OCOL) on the varied methods adapted by OCOL to ensure topical research on the implementation of the Official Languages Policy of Canada was equally insightful. The discussions following the presentation also created greater opportunities for members to engage further with both presenters.

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