Planning together to operationalize the Strategy Framework for the Implementation of the Official Languages Policy

The main actors in the Language Sector meet to work on Medium-Term plans based on Strategy Framework

The National Languages Division(NLD) of the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils and Local Government (the Ministry), with the support of NLEAP, organised a meeting with its Partner Institutions, the Department of Official Languages (DOL), The Official Languages Commission (OLC) and the National Institute for Language Education and Training (NILET) to discuss the preparation of  Medium-Term Plans, and to lay the ground work for Long-Term Plans for the Strategy Framework for the Implementation of The Official Languages Policy.

The presentation and discussion on the preparation of Medium-Term Plans [Interim] & Long-Term Plans led by Mr. Asoka Gunawardena (Consultant – NLEAP) segued into a working session during which the Ministry, DOL, NILET and OLC teams worked on their individual institutional plans guided by Mr. Gunawardena. As Mr. Don Brownell (Project Director – NLEAP) shared in his opening remarks, the partners working cohesively to develop Medium-Term plans for their individual mandates facilitates effective management of resources, avoids duplication of activity and amplifies the collective effort of the Language Sector. His remarks were reiterated by Ms. R. Wijialudchumi, (Additional Secretary-NLD) as she urged the partner institutions to optimize the working session to pursue a holistic approach to Language Sector planning. The sharing session that followed provided opportunity for the partner institutions to receive helpful comments and insights from the others. The morning session concluded with a quick discussion on the way forward on finalizing the Medium & Long Term Plans.

NLEAP will continue to work closely with the Ministry and its partner institutions as they develop their Medium-Term plans to operationalize the Strategy Framework (SF) for the Implementation of the OLP.

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