Enhancing Management of Translation and Interpretation Services in the Public Sector

NLEAP Spearheads the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Translation

The Department of Official Languages (DOL) with the support of NLEAP, convened an Advisory Committee on Translation (ACT). ACT is an initiative set up under the purview of DOL to have oversight on policies relevant to translation and interpretation services in the public sector. The mandate of the ACT is to provide policy direction and appropriate actions to government policy makers  to enhance translation and interpretation services in the country.

Commissioner General of DOL Prince Senadeera outlining the objectives of the ACT session, shared why professionalizing of translation/ interpretation services in Sri Lanka was essential to ensuring the effective implementation of the Official Languages Policy. Project Director of NLEAP Michael Emblem  welcomed the ACT members and commended them for the vital role they would play in supporting  the government to provide effective gender-sensitive bilingual public services. A key aspect of the discussion amongst the ACT members, following the presentation of the draft Translation Interpretation Management Plan (TIMP) by NLEAP consultant  Asoka Gunawardena, was the importance of ensuring the continuity of ACT post NLEAP Project completion.

The Advisory Committee on Translation (ACT) was envisaged as a part of the Technical Assistance provided by NLEAP to the Department of Official Languages to improve the management of translation and interpretation services Sri Lanka. A key aspect of this TA is to support the professionalization of translation/ interpretation careers and improve translation services in the state sector. NLEAP, in partnership with DOL, supports the Sri Lankan Government in ensuring that women and men of diverse communities obtain public services in the Official Language of their choice.

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