Working together to enhance the Management of Translation and Interpretation Services in the Public Sector

NLEAP hosts workshop for Senior Translators in the Public Sector on the Draft Translation and  Interpretation Management Plan (TIMP)

The Department of Official Languages, with the support of NLEAP, hosted a workshop for Senior Translators in the Public Sector to present the Draft TIMP. The DOL facilitates the effective implementation of the Official Languages Policy by providing translation services in all three languages to state institutions, improving language skills of government servants and compiling glossaries, language textbooks and dictionaries. The TIMP was designed in response to the multiplicity, complexity and urgency of state sector translation and interpretation requirements DOL is mandated to fulfill. Formulated by NLEAP consultant Asoka Gunawardene, the TIMP envisions a coherent and relevant management action plan that will enhance DOL’s capacity to support the State Sector in  providing gender sensitive, bilingual public services.

The TIMP forms part of the Technical Assistance provided by NLEAP to the DOL, to enhance its capacity to effectively manage State Sector translation and interpretation requirement. Sharing the draft TIMP with Senior Translators in the Public Sector for their feedback is testament to the collaborative ethos of NLEAP. The views and practical insights received from the veterans in the translation and interpretation professions is invaluable to ensuring the pragmatic relevance of the TIMP. By ensuring adequate resourcing of translation and interpretation staff  services and developing the translation and interpretation competences of service providers, the finalised TIMP will help DOL to play a vital role in creating enhanced opportunities for citizens to access public services in the language of their choice in a gender sensitive manner.

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