Alinea- NLEAP launches Food Relief Initiative to support vulnerable families across the island.

NLEAP works with NLF partners to provide Food Security to affected families.

Canada is unwavering in our commitment to make sure nutritious food continues to be available and accessible to the most vulnerable at all times.”

The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The aftermath of the economic crisis that came to a head in 2022 continues to affect the well-being of one too many families across Sri Lanka. As loss of livelihoods compound high food prices, the majority of the country’s population is struggling to meet their daily food needs. A recent report by Save the Children revealed that nearly half of Sri Lankan households were forced to cut their children’s daily food intake. Many parents were foregoing meals because of inadequate food to feed their children.

The Alinea-NLEAP Food Relief Initiative is designed to provide relief to families that have been affected severely by this food crisis. Through NLEAP, the Government of Canada has been working closely with the Government of Sri Lanka to support the effective implementation of its Official Languages Policy. But in the face of this dire crisis that is impacting nearly 33 percent of Sri Lankan households[1], the Government of Canada will enhance its support to the people of Sri Lanka by addressing the immediate and urgent need for food security.

Since 2020, Canada has allocated over $3 billion dollars for gender-responsive humanitarian assistance around the world. The Alinea-NLEAP Food Relief Initiative, implemented by Alinea International, is part of the Government of Canada’s continued commitment to address global food and nutrition needs.

The Alinea-NLEAP Food Relief Initiative will support children facing acute hunger and malnutrition, and parents who are going hungry because they have barely enough to enough food to feed their children. NLEAP will work with a select number of its established NLF Partners to provide dry food ration packages to families across the island affected by the food insecurity. The NLF Partners work closely with local government institutions to select the most vulnerable beneficiaries.

[1] According to WFP’s latest Food Security Survey nearly  33 percent of households were facing acute food insecurity in December 2022

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